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Overnight Stay Plan

Recommended Plan

  • Couple plan"private outdoor bath free", dinner in the room

    Although it is limited to the date (~ 4/30), for dinner, dinner will prepare meals in the room.
    Please relax and enjoy the mind and body with the golden sauce of the hotel.

    Benefit 1: Dinner will be prepared in your room.Breakfast is prepared fContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 14,580
  • Taste the marbled beef steak at the dinner venue☆Japanese room 14 square meters or more plan

    We prepared delicious meat!
    For dinner, we prepare marbled cows stuck to the taste in the dinner venue with "Steak".
    Room rate
    ¥ 12,960
  • Ikaho taste! Taste local products in your room☆Dinner plan

    【JAL coupon target plan】Enjoy the local Joshu Beef and mushrooms in your room or private room!

    Moriaki Ryokan is registered in the local production site promotion store in Gumma prefecture.
    In order to enjoy the taste of the local produce, we pContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 18,360 from
  • Couple plan"Private outdoor bath free" from ¥ 11,880, tax included · Onsen tax separately (monthly price change is included) Dinner at the dining hall

    There are fee fluctuations depending on month of use.
    Although it is limited to dates, we have prepared a private outdoor bath 1 free free plan for the two of us.
    Please relax and enjoy the mind and body with the golden sauce of the hotel.

    BeneContinue reading
    Room rate
    Weekday ¥ 12,420
  • Indirect lighting room with open-air bath☆With a hot spring plan

    【JAL coupon target plan】
    In the room with a gentle light of indirect lighting, Ikaho's famous hot spring (Kogane-no-yu) is poured on the open-air bath built in Soho, and you can enjoy the turbid hot water at any time.
    Room rate
    From ¥ 32,400