●An inn related Ujo Noguchi, a poet who produced numerous nursery rhymes such as shabondama and red shoes.●3 minutes walk to Ishidan Street●Famous hot springs Kogane-no-yu Kogane-no-yu inn source hook sink is

【Official】Moriaki Ryokan

Ishidan Street 3-minute walk to Kogane-no-yu Kogane-no-yu spring inn that flows plan are popular!

☆Jalan net ranking 2019 3rd place winning inn award! (Gunma Prefecture 51-100 rooms)
★A long-established inn founded in 1868
★Poet who left a number of children's songs, such as bubbles, red shoes, is Ujo Noguchi related inn.
★Ikaho's famous “Ishidan Street” is a 3-minute walk away, so please walk around in a yukata.
 ☆☆☆Reservation from this site is recommended! ☆☆☆

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Click here for discounted Official website limited plan and individual travel plan ⇐ Click

      You can apply by "reservation system".
       ●Those who do not know the input method well
       ●If you feel the operation is bothersome
        Please feel free to call me.
        We will also accept you by phone.
  • Click here for group plan (8 people or more)

       Applicable for 8 adults or more.
       Please be sure to apply for the application in the following way.
       ※Applications from the "reservation system" are not accepted.
         Please note.
         TEL,  0279-72-2601
         Email, moriaki@smile.ocn.ne.jp

New Coronavirus measures

  • Initiatives of this facility for the new coronavirus

    At this facility, we are working to respond to the new coronavirus based on the following guidelines.

    "Guideline for new coronavirus in accommodations, etc."

    Gunma Ryokan Hotel Health Sanitation Association
    (Public foundation) Gunma Prefecture Tourism and Products International Association
    (One company) Gunma Onsen Association

Travel escort care service "Hot water perfection"

  • Proposal for a hot water property, a travel companion service!

    A new service where care professionals accompany you on your trip in collaboration with care providers and social welfare offices!  
    ●Assistance with meals and bathing (Man and woman,Large public bath can accompany)
    ●Toilet assistance / diaper change
    Please contact us for transportation and transfer by nursing care taxi!
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions!  

May 2020 Reopening

  • Universal Deluxe Room

    Introducing a deluxe room for elderly people and wheelchairs!

    ■Number of guest rooms 2
    ◇There are two Japanese-style rooms, 18 square meters and a bedroom (twin beds), and can accommodate up to 7 people!
    ◇The bathroom uses the luxury TOTO's new product "Sazana"!
     In addition to the handrail, there is also a bench where you can sit down and enter the bathtub, so elderly people can use it with confidence!
     ※It is not hot spring.
    ◇The width of the entrance door, bathroom, and toilet is 80 cm, so wheelchair users can use it with confidence!
    ◇There are 2 washbasins, so you can be prepared for a busy morning!
     The lower washbasin is high enough to be used while sitting or in a wheelchair!


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Moriaki Ryokan


60 Ikaho, Ikaho Town, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture

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