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Hot Springs

A famous hot spring "Ogon-no-yu (Konnen no yu)" is luxuriously withhamed

"Ogon-no-yu (Konna no Yu)" to inherit from the Manyo period.
Please enjoy it thoroughly.
  • Natural Hot Springs open-air bath, "Ujo-no-yu"

    It will be our open-air bath.
    An open outdoor bath is extremely popular with many people who stayed.
    Bathing while watching the mountains changing their appearance every season, heals the daily fatigue.

    Hot Springs, Ogon-no-yu(Yuno of kogane)
    Inner bath·There is a washroom
    Hot spring bath hours
    15:00 to 9:00
    Hot spring bathing category
    Male / hot water waters, ※Male and female exchange at around 24:00
  • Natural Hot Springs public bath, "Jizo no Yu"

    The design that built up a stone creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

    Hot Springs, Ogon-no-yu(Yuno of kogane)
    Baby bath tub for women only·With infant shower chair available
    Akasusi corner available(Reservation required)
    Hot spring bath hours
    15:00 to 9:00
    Hot spring bathing category
    Male / hot water waters, ※No change of gender
  • Natural Hot Springs private bath, "Miharashi-no-yu"

    Please spend an elegant moment with the atmosphere full of atmosphere.

    Hot Springs, Ogon-no-yu(Yuno of kogane)
    Baby tub·With infant shower chair available
    There is a washroom
    Hot spring bath hours
    15:00 to 9:00
    Nerve pain, gynecological illness
    Usage fee
    2,160 yen including tax(50 minutes) ※Reservation required (reservations will be on first come, first served basis).)
  • Ikaho Onsen, Ogon-no-yu and Ishidan Street

    Although it is colorless and transparent when it gushes out, it is oxidized by touching the air because it contains a lot of iron and it is called "Ogon-no-yu (Yuno no kun)" because it turns brown.The history of this Ogon-no-yu spring is old and it is said that it gushed from 'Haruna mountain Futatsudake' which bulged and protruded lava dome about 1,500 years ago.
     In addition, the history of the Ishidan Street known as the tourist attraction of Ikaho dates back and it dates back to the age of warring States.In the great war of Takeda Army and Oda · Tokugawa Allied Army known as the battle of Nagashino (1575), so as to make a spa sanatoria for healing soldiers who have defeated Takeda Katsuki who is the leader of the defeat, I ordered Masayuki Sanada to make it and it is supposed to be the beginning.(A monument of "the land of the first Japanese spa city planning plan" is built by forming a spa town that was planned more than 400 years ago.)
     After that, 12 of the hot spring inns lined up in the Ishidan Street were called "Oya" and were given the possession and management of Ogon-no-yu.The zodiac was split into each house because this 12 number is together with zodiac.The zodiac of our hotel inherits "Horse (horse)".In the currently owns 9 hotels of the inn Ogon-no-yu, including the hotel, we continue to protect the original severely Ogon-no-yu under the control of "small frontage owners union".
     Historic Ishidan Street Ogon-no-yu spring flowing through the Ishidan Street and reaching the hotel is an eternal history itself, and we continue to heal people who take bathing to the present age gently from ancient times.